Meet Wendy Boeding – Richardson Elementary

Wendy Boeding is a Math Interventionist for Kindergarten-third grade for Richardson Elementary. Originally, Ms. Boeding was born in New Delhi, India. She was abandoned at birth at a church, lived in an orphanage, and was adopted at 23 months. Additionally, she grew up in Hills, Iowa. Ms. Boeding attended the University of Northern Iowa. She has her bachelor’s and master’s in Elementary Education.

Ms. Boeding asking students how many dots are on the card!

In her free time, Ms. Boeding enjoys running. A fun fact about Wendy Boeding is that she has run a marathon! Ms. Boeding has endorsements in reading and special education. In addition, she is a National Board Certified Teacher. Also, her favorite t.v. show is the Law & Order series. Additionally, her favorite food is chocolate.

A fun fact is that Saint Mother Theresa helped with her adoption process as she was the first girl adopted from India into Iowa by a single parent! Currently in the classroom, Ms. Boeding is helping students use different strategies to fluently solve addition and subtraction problems.

Ms. Boeding’s students show off their answers!

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Job/The District?

“I enjoy listening and talking with students as they explain and make connections between their academic work and their own lives.” -Ms. Wendy Boeding

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