Makerspace Students Swap Roles with Teachers

It’s not every day that students are able to step into the role of teacher, but our FMHS Makerspace crew did just that. Three leaders of the Makerspace crew prepared a presentation teaching teachers at the elementary schools how to use a 3D printer. These lessons were hosted in the STEAMhound lab at Richardson Elementary.

Senior Aidan Wendorf teaching our teachers!

Aidan Wendorf, a senior at Fort Madison High School, started the presentation by introducing himself and this two fellow peers. The students started by having the teachers learn more about SketchUp, a software used to make 3D printing designs. Aidan Wendorf, with Lauren Otte and Hunter Elkin, spent a lot of time preparing for this new role of teacher.

Lauren Otte showing Principal Adrian McKay and Denise Trout SketchUp!

Lauren Otte took over from Aidan to go through the specific tools of SketchUp, while Hunter Elkin worked the computer. Additionally, Lauren Otte showed off her teaching skills, making sure that each teacher understood the steps they were going through.

Our teachers checking out the 3D printer!

Aidan, Hunter, and Lauren then showed them how to input the design to be printed after each teacher created their 3D design. Aidan, Hunter, Lauren, and many other students originally learned how to use the 3D printer in their own “STEAM room” called the Makerspace at FMHS. The Makerspace is located in the Media Center at Fort Madison High School. Ms. Roxanne Puga supervises this bright crew of students.

What’s most amazing to me is that these students taught themselves and each other how to use the 3D printer. They are so highly motivated. I see bright careers in computer science or related fields for them. They’ve been trying to teach me but that’s a bit of a challenge.

Ms. Roxanne Puga

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