Incident at FMHS

The District recently learned that earlier this morning a high school student came to school with a loaded handgun. Please be assured that all students and staff members are safe, and there were no injuries that occurred. Additionally, the student had not made a direct threat to any student or staff member regarding today’s incident. 

Upon learning this information, District administrators followed the District’s safety plan and immediately called the police, located the student, confiscated the weapon and took steps to remove the student from the building. We are confident that all immediate safety concerns have been addressed

The District takes any possession of weapons and any potential for violence very seriously. District administrators have been working closely with local police to assess the situation and to determine the best course of action to protect the safety of students and staff members. The student remains in police custody. 

The District’s highest priority always is the safety of its students and staff members. Because today was already an early dismissal day – the District determined the best course of action was to dismiss all high school students 30 minutes early at 12:45 PM. Any after-school practices or other events will continue as scheduled, as all safety concerns have been fully addressed. 

We understand that this can be a very scary time for our students, families, and staff members. We encourage students who have concerns or would like to discuss today’s events further to reach out to the building guidance counselors. We also encourage you to speak with your students about the important role they play in school safety. If they learn of a possible threat to safety, they should report it immediately to a teacher or administrator or to the police. 

We appreciate the support of the entire FMCSD community as we take steps to protect the safety of our students and staff members. 


Dr. Erin Slater, Superintendent of Schools 

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