Meet Randy Sissel – Fort Madison High School

Randy Sissel is an English teacher and IHSSA Speech Coach for the Fort Madison High School. Originally, Mr. Sissel is from Tipton, Iowa. He went to Central College for his undergraduate. Mr. Sissel attended an Iowa Writers’ Workshop and Iowa State Masters.

Mr. Sissel at his desk!

In his free time, Randy Sissel enjoys watching the NFL and play magic. His favorite play is Hamlet. Additionally, his favorite movie is Star Wars. Mr. Sissel’s favorite t.v. show is Star Trek. Also, his favorite food is steak. Mr. Sissel’s favorite vacations he has been on was to England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. Additionally, his favorite album is Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”

Mr. Sissel teaches Hamlet!

A fun fact about Randy Sissel is that he is an avid fencer. Currently in the classroom, Mr. Sissel is teaching Shakespeare. His goal for the end of the school year is to survive, his goal for his students is to learn something new.

What is Your Favorite Thing About Your Job/District?

“The friendly community, faculty, and students.” -Mr. Randy Sissel

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