Meet Liz Pollpeter – Lincoln Elementary

Liz Pollpeter is a K-3 Special Education teacher at Lincoln Elementary. Originally, Ms. Pollpeter is from West Point, Iowa. She received her undergraduate degree at Mount Mercy College. Additionally, Ms. Pollpeter received her graduate degree from Morningside College. She began her teaching career at the Fort Madison Middle School.

Ms. Pollpeter working with a student!

In her free time, Ms. Pollpeter enjoys reading, baking, sewing, making crafts, and being with her family. Her favorite book is Charolette’s Web. Also, her favorite movie is Mary Poppins. Ms. Pollpeter’s favorite t.v. show is anything on HGTV. Additionally, her favorite food is pizza and popcorn. Also, Liz Pollpeter’s favorite vacation is going camping with her family. In addition, Ms. Pollpeter’s favorite music is by The Cranberries, Lady Antebellum, Sugarland, Adele, and Little Big Town.

What is Your Favorite Thing About Your Job/District?

“My co-workers (past & present) are simply the best!” -Ms. Liz Pollpeter

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