Honoring the Retirees – FMCSD

The Fort Madison Community School District held a reception to honor the employees who are retiring this year. The culinary team at the Fort Madison High School made horderves for the event, and the FMHS art students made take-home centerpieces. 

Superintendent, Dr. Erin Slater started off the night by welcoming everyone and thanking them for coming. She then handed the floor to School Board President, Dianne Hope, who also welcomed everyone. All of the guests had their chance to get the treats made by Michelle Crandall and her team of students. 

Mr. Dirth gives a speech for one of his employees!

Speeches were made by the principals for each retiree. The guests got to learn about each of their soon-to-be former coworkers while the principals spoke of their dedication to education. We learned that Christine Boyles, who has worked for the district for 19 years, wants to take on her next project of traveling, playing with her grandchildren, and staying busy. 

Susan Menke told the guests she received over 200 cards from students when she was out of school sick.

There was laughter, crying, and a lot of smiles while each principal spoke of the impact these people have made in the lives of everyone surrounding them. Brandi Carter, who has worked for the district for 16 years, has too many favorite memories during her time in the district. “My favorite part of my job was getting to know every single student, and getting to see them grow one year to the next as a person and a reader. My husband’s retired so I plan to travel and spend time with grandkids, read lots of books, and sew pretty things,” said Brandi Carter. 

The retirees pose with their plaques!

Retirees from FMCSD and their years in the District:

  • Susan Menke: 21 years in FMCSD 
  • Brenda Sporkman: 20 years in FMCSD
  • Christine Boyles: 19 years in FMCSD
  • Susan Johnson: 39 years in FMCSD
  • Debbie Moeller: 30 years in FMCSD
  • Rhonda Mueller: 6 years in FMCSD 
  • Elizabeth McClellan: 17 years in FMCSD
  • Donna McVeigh: 6 years in FMCSD
  • Diane Overly: 19 years in FMCSD
  • Suzy Ross: 33 years in FMCSD
  • Brandi Carter: 16 years in FMCSD
  • Nancy Butler: 5.5 years in FMCSD
  • Cynthia Otte: 4.5 years in FMCSD
  • Rusty Feagins: 44 years in FMCSD
  • Debbie Eid: 12 years in FMCSD 
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