• Board Policy provides for transportation services to all eligible students attending the school serviced by their attendance boundary.  An elementary or middle school student who lives beyond 2.0 miles from their school is considered eligible for transportation services.  Students who live within 2.0 miles, but are required to cross a main road such as Business 61, etc. without benefit of a traffic signal may also be considered eligible for transportation. 

     We understand that not all students who are eligible for Transportation Services choose to take advantage of those services; therefore, in order to create the most efficient bus routes, it is critical for us to know which eligible students will be riding the bus.  Please complete the form below and return it to your school office as soon as possible to secure Transportation Services.  

    Transportation Request Form 22-23

    If we do not receive a form, you will not be eligible to ride a bus to or from school. Students who do not have their school identification card to scan to and from the bus will not be transported. For those students who are involved in Athletics and will not ride during the season, or will otherwise only ride during certain times of the year, please complete this form as well.  If your transportation requirements change during the year, please notify us by submitting a new form or contacting the Transportation Department.

    Bus Safety Document