General Updates

Update from Dr. Slater – 5/20/2020

Hello FMCSD Families,

As we have about two weeks until our last day of school, we continue to think of you and our students.  Below are some reminders and updates. 

Student Items:

All FM buildings offered multiple days and times for families and students to come to school and, while social distancing, retrieve materials from their desks and lockers.  If you are still in need of student items, please contact central office.

FMCSD Facilities:

The FMHS track & tennis courts will open effective immediately. While using the FMHS outdoor facilities, please remember to practice social distancing and to avoid large gatherings. Thanks for your cooperation.

FMCSD Athletics/Activities:

FMCSD athletics & activities are currently on hold as we await guidance from Governor Reynolds along with the state athletic associations. We anticipate this guidance by June 1, 2020.

School Year and Summer Meals:

We will continue school year meal service at our ten locations through June 2nd.  We will begin summer food service meals from June 11- August 12th.  Locations may be reduced based on participation. 

Voluntary Learning:

Teachers will continue to have scheduled learning activities and office hours through June 2nd.  If you have a technology question please visit If you have further questions you may email our info account – – and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The district is working on and will be submitting the required Return to Learn plan with the Department of Education by July 1, 2020.

1:1 Technology & Loaner Devices Currently at Home:

K – 11th grade students will be permitted to keep their loaned devices until the Fall.  

12th grade students are expected to return their device by July 31st.  More details about drop off location and times will be communicated at a later time.

Grades for 9-11th graders   

Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will receive credit for each course on their schedule when school closed.  For two trimester courses, students may choose the current grade earned when school closed on March 13, 2020, or a “P” for pass.

Due to the limited number of days completed in trimester 3, all freshman, sophomore, and juniors enrolled in a single trimester course during trimester 3 will receive a “P” for Pass.  Any student in a single trimester course during trimester 3 who wants to achieve a grade for a class they had on their schedule, may contact their counselor to have that class added to their 2020-2021 schedule.  Students have received a form via student email to make their selections, and ALL students will be required to submit the form back to FMHS.

K-8 Report Cards

Due to the COVID-19 shut down and voluntary learning direction from the Iowa Department of Education, third trimester report cards will not be issued.

FMHS Class of 2020 Announcements:


Once again, we hope to have a live prom dance on June 13. Building administration have been working with senior class representatives on alternative options for the promenade if CDC and the Department of Public Health guidelines do not permit a social gathering by June 8. Prom court is currently being featured on social media platforms.

Graduation Events:

We plan to have a live graduation ceremony on June 27 at 9:00 A.M., CDC and public health guidelines permitting.  A recording of a simulated graduation ceremony with each graduating senior being given the opportunity to walk across the stage in their cap and gown and receive their diploma at FMHS will be filmed the first week in June. This video will also feature the senior speakers and will be shared on June 27th.  

Senior Cruise 

 On May 29, we plan on hosting a senior cruise of cars on a designated route. Link to route Seniors are welcome to decorate their cars and will meet in the FMHS parking lot at 7:15 PM. The football, softball, and baseball stadium lights will be on for 20 minutes to honor the Class of 2020.

Yard Signs

Graduation yard signs featuring each senior’s picture have been donated by Shottenkirk Auto Group .  They will be handed out (drive-thru style) to seniors following the senior cruise on May 29 in the HS circle drive.  Thank you, Shottenkirk!

Scholarship Winners 

Scholarship awards are being finalized this week and more information will be coming via FMCSD Newsroom.

Senior Most Awards

Senior Most Awards have been celebrated on FMCSDs social media platforms.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Please continue to visit our website for future updates.

As the weather turns warmer, please remind students to continue social distancing.  

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do or continue to do to support you or your family.


Dr. Erin M. Slater, Superintendent

Quaranzine Project

Since this has proved to be such a unique year, I wanted to find some way for the FMHS community to remember it. You may remember in high school, there was often a publication of a literary magazine. We are putting together a Quaranzine. I’m asking for students to submit short stories, poems, writings, diary entries, artwork, pictures… to commemorate this time. I will compile these into a book that students can get either e-book or print on demand. 

Shalisse Johnstun
English/ TAG/ Robotics

Activity / Athletics Updates

Book Week

Book Week is the fifth week of the Bloodhound Spirit Weeks. The week starts on May 25 and goes through May 31. Students should share any reading they do. The activities for Book Week include a photo of the student reading, a picture of them with their favorite book, and a photo of them with their book collection.

Parents are encouraged to share photos of our students participating in Book Week. Also, students and parents can share any photos with us on our Facebook page. In addition, this week the BooksRUs Club is taking over the Instagram and Facebook story. Make sure to follow for more information on the club!

Next week is Scavenger Hunt Week of the Bloodhound Spirit Weeks. This is the final week. The Scavenger Hunt will last for two days on June 1 and the 2nd. The first family to find all the items at home will receive a prize. Parents make sure you’re following our Facebook page to participate in the scavenger hunt.

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Food Service Updates

Summer Grab & Go Meals Program FMCSD Update

The Summer Grab & Go Meals Program will continue for the summer. The program starts on Thursday, June 11 and goes until Wednesday, August 12. Volunteers will hand out meals by drive-up on Monday-Friday from 11:00-11:30 A.M.

The meals are for all children ages 1-18. Each bag will include a lunch and a breakfast for the next morning. We will not be distributing meals on July 2 and July 3. Volunteers will pass out

The 10 Drop Off Location for the Summer Grab & Go Meals Program:

  1. Fort Madison High School
  2. Fort Madison Middle School
  3. Lincoln Elementary School
  4. Richardson Elementary School
  5. Fort Madison Central Office
  6. Old Settlers Park
  7. Victory Park
  8. Ivanhoe Apartments
  9. West Point Square
  10. Denmark Park

Also, if you would like to volunteer to assemble meals or help distribute meals, please contact or 319-470-2715.

The Bloodhound Spirit Weeks are still going on! This week is Book Week, and next week is Scavenger Hunt Week. Participants are commenting their photos on the FMCSD Facebook page! To read more about the Bloodhound Spirit Weeks, click here:

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