• 2022-2023 Meal Prices 


    PS – 3rd Grade - Free 

    4th – 5th Grade - Free

    6th – 12th Grade - Free


    PS – 3rd Grade - $3.00 

    4th – 5th Grade - $3.00 

    6th – 12th Grade - $3.25


    Students at the Middle School and High School are able to purchase a la carte/ extra items. A  la carte/ extra items will not be allowed if there is not enough money on the family meal account.  


    Grab & Go Meals 

    1. Grab & Go Breakfast is available at all 4 buildings, in case students arrive after  breakfast is finished. This is a credible meal and falls under the Breakfast price.

    2. Grab & Go Lunch is available at the Middle School and High School as a 2nd option to  the hot lunch menu. This is also a credible meal and falls under the Lunch price. 

    Extra Milk $0.45 

    Snack Milk Ticket (20 milk) $9.00 


    You’re probably noticing the price of just about everything going up, and that includes school  meals as well. FMCSD along with all other districts nationwide have been able to provide free  meals for the 2020-2021 & 2021-2022 school years, due to USDA waivers. Unfortunately, these waivers have ended. A few things to keep in mind and even share with others in our  community: 

    1. Many districts have to increase meal prices to offset increases in food, supplies and  labor. 

    2. We know that all these changes are tough for families and the students who depend on  school meals – be sure to encourage anyone you know who may be eligible for free and  reduce-price meals to complete a free and reduced meal application. To complete the  application electronically, go to http://family.wordwareinc.com