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The back-to-school period can be stressful at times. We'd like to make it a little easier for you whether you are new to our district or coming back for another fun-filled year. Look over our instructions and if you need further assistance please click on the button to contact us.

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Fort Madison Community School District would like to say welcome! Whether you are new to the district or returning, we are excited to engage with you this school year. You’ll find that the Fort Madison Community School District has a lot to offer and is equipped with an exceptional team. We’d like to invite you to browse through our website and send us any questions, concerns, etc. that you may have about our district. Below you’ll find instructions for enrolling new and returning students. For form/resources please click on the button below.


*E-registration will start on July 9th, 2019. You will be able to start registering your student(s) at that time by going to https://fmcsd.powerschool.com/ and signing in with your parent portal account. If you require assistance with this process you may stop in at the High School Media Center where we are offering two four hour blocks this year. July 31st 8am – Noon & August 1st Noon – 5pm. You may also email info@fmcsd.org if you have questions about your account.*

Steps for Enrolling A New Student

  1. Starting August 1st, 2019 visit the guidance office of the school your student will be attending to fill out records request form. Bring a copy of the student’s birth certificate and immunization records.
  2.  Wait for a call from the guidance office. They will call you back to set up an appointment for registration.
  3.  Attend registration appointment.
Congratulations! You’re Registered! 

Steps for Enrolling A Returning Student

  1. Go to your parent portal account.
  2.  Click on E-Registration.
  3.  Go through the sections until complete (see video below).
Congratulations! You’re Registered!