Frequently Asked Questions


If I am unable to register my student(s) online, what should I do?
What should I bring to registration?
How do I reset my Parent Portal password?
Who do I contact with Questions?

Calendar and Schedules

How do I get a school calendar of events?
How do I find out about school breaks and holidays?
What is the 1st day of school?
When is the last day of school?
How do I find out when the early outs are scheduled?


When are school pictures taken?
Where do I find the school supply list?
How do I contact my student’s teacher?


Is my student eligible for a bus ride to school?

Food Services

How much does lunch cost?
How do I pay for lunch?
Am I eligible for free/reduced priced lunch?


How do I get a family pass to sport events?
Can I buy my high school student a pass for sporting events?

High School

When is freshman orientation?
How does my high school student get his/her schedule before school starts?
How does my high school student change his/her schedule?
How does the high school assign parking spots?