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Meet Sara Ljungkull – Fort Madison High School

Sara Ljungkull works as an English teacher at Fort Madison High School. She is from Minnesota and Southern California. She attended Franklin University in Switzerland, the University of Puget Sound, and Brandman University. Her degree is in art history, and she’s currently working on her master’s for teaching. Sara Ljungkull has previously worked as a teacher in California, and a substitute teacher at Keokuk and Warsaw. Ms. Ljungkull’s favorite t.v. show is Monk and Psych. Her favorite movies are Les Mis and Australia. Sara Ljungkull’s interests include: reading, writing plays, interior design, movies, chickens, gardening, and DIY. Sara Ljungkull’s Goal

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From The Newsroom

2020 Homecoming Update

2020 Homecoming Activities & Events- (week of 9/14/20) As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the district and FMHS continue to collaborate and process recommendations from the Lee County Health Department, the Iowa Department of Public Health, and CDC. Homecoming dress up weeks and

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“Our goal is to prepare students for life; whether that be going off to college or entering the workforce. We want students to go out into the world and live a fulfilled life with purpose and good intention.” 

– Greg Smith, High School Principal


Many of our students dive into their careers head first! Whether that’s going down a military path, climbing the ranks at their current place of employment or starting somewhere new! 


A lot of our students loved school so much they are going back! Our college bound hounds have a lot of scholarship opportunities and helpful resources to ease their transition. 


The CTE courses at FMHS provide students with real-world experience and give them a chance to explore their talents. These courses also give students a head start in their college coursework and/or trades career. 

- FMHS -

The Fort Madison Community High School is a place where students can express themselves, discover hidden talents, and create everlasting memories. We focus on the uniqueness of each student and believe that being present, showing compassion and building strong relationships, will maximize the success of all students. FMHS provides numerous opportunities for students to prepare for their post high school paths. Whether that be heading off to college or entering into the workforce.