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"Our goal is to prepare students for life; whether that be going off to college or entering into the workforce. We want students to go out into the world and live a fulfilled life with purpose and good intention."

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Our teachers say

"FMHS is a very special place. We are fortunate to have a staff 100% committed to getting the most out of our students. The growth mindset here is phenomenal. "
derek doherty
"Teaching at the Fort Madison High School is fun, entertaining and rewarding. The students and here at Fort Madison are the reason I have stayed for so many years."
carla sanders

Our vision

Come Learn & Grow

We develop leaders, inspire growth and enrich community. To learn more about our District’s mission and values please click the button below.

Preparing Students for Real World Experiences

12+ Program

This course is a class specifically designed for you, the student! In this course, students will be introduced to people working in an industry that interests them. Throughout this course, students take several interest inventory assessments to show them where their interests and strengths are and match them up to positions available in our area. The goal is to prepare students with the skills to secure a position with a company.
*Even if you are college-bound, this course will provide you with good information for any position you might want to pursue in the future.


Construction courses are available at the Fort Madison High School through Southeastern Community College. These courses give students the opportunity to develop skills in all levels of carpentry. Advanced students can also take courses on carpentry electricity and mechanical systems.


Welding courses are available at the Fort Madison High School through Southeastern Community College. These courses cover oxyacetylene welding, advanced shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding and much more!


The industrial technology department provides automotive courses that incorporate both theory and hands-on activities for students of all ages. These courses range from basic levels of auto systems to advanced levels of engine work, drivetrain, electrical, body work, interior work, disassembly/reassembly, and automotive electronics.


The makerspace is a space provided by Fort Madison High School for students to explore their creativity. Students in art classes such as graphic design, photography, and advanced art portfolio often find themselves in the makerspace to use 3D printers, video equipment, oculus rifts and much more! This space is a great place for students to express themselves, learn, and have fun.


The concurrent enrollment foods courses are associated with the Indian Hills Culinary Arts program which is accredited by the American Culinary Federation, and prepares you with the culinary skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a variety of food-related careers. Experiences are provided in all aspects of cooking and baking, with a combination of formal classes and extensive lab experiences.

*See Your School Guidance Counselor for More Information*

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The Fort Madison Community High School is a place where students can express themselves, discover hidden talents, and create everlasting memories. We focus on the uniqueness of each student and believe that being present, showing compassion and building strong relationships, will maximize the success of all students. FMHS provides numerous opportunities for students to prepare for their post high school paths. Whether that be heading off to college or entering into the workforce. 

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Greg Smith

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