Remote Learning - Support

Table of Contents

HotSpot Request

The checkout period for hotspots has expired. For questions please call the tech department at 319.372.7252 x8.

Voluntary Insurance

The window to purchase 1:1 insurance has closed. If you would still like to purchase insurance please call the tech department at 319.372.7252 x8 to discuss options. 

Elementary Technology Agreement

Parents of elementary students must fill out this form >> << or print a copy of this document. 

Online Learning Teachers

High School


Shalisse Johnstun

Jasmine Sourwine

Carla Sanders

Middle School


Please contact your child’s teacher(s)



Alisha Saathof

Debra Ridgway

Chromebook / Chrome Login

If you need help using the student Chromebook at home please click this link


First Time Setup

1. Take the device out of the box and remove the plastic film on the screen

2. Pull the tag

3. Press and hold the Power button on the top right for three seconds

4. Wait for the device to boot up

5. Select your language

6. Swipe to continue

7. Click on the red House (top right corner of the screen)

8. Click on Wi-Fi Name/Password to see the password

9. Connect your device to the HotSpot


Canvas for Students

How do I Sign In?

FMCSD students sign in at and if not redirected into Canvas select ‘Sign in with Google’. Enter your fmcsd school email account credentials to get access to Canvas. 

Dual enrolled students sign in at and will need to create an account. Ask for a join code from your instructor first.

Generating a Pairing Code

Setting Notification Preferences

Canvas for Parents

Parents may sign into Canvas at if their student has shared a pairing code with them. If you student is unable to share a code with you please reach out to the student’s teacher and they can provide you with the pairing code. 


SeeSaw for Families - Overview

Middle School Seesaw Sign In

Use your student email and password to sign on to the school Chromebook. Then go to and select “I am a student”. After that, put in the class code that their online teacher has provided them with. Enter that code and you will be connected. If you don’t have a code, email and give her your student’s name and grade and she will email the code to you.

Elementary Seesaw Chromebook Sign In

Sign into your school Chromebook with your student email and password. Go to . Select the top option, which is to sign in with Google. (Do not enter the email and password again.) Then select your name. Now you should be connected.

Elementary Seesaw iPad Sign In

(If your child is an A or B week student, the teacher will do this at school on their first day.)

1. Go to Settings (looks like a gear symbol)

2. Scroll down on the left to select “Passwords & Accounts”

3.On the right, select “Add Account”

4. Select “Google”

5. Select “Continue” on the box that pops up.

6. Type in your child’s school email address (contact your teacher) and press “Next”

7. Enter your student password (contact your teacher) and press “Next”

8. When the “Welcome” message pops up, scroll down to the bottom and press “Accept”

9. Press the home button to go back to the home page, and click on the Seesaw Class app icon.

10. Click “I’m a Student”.

11. Select “Google/Email Sign In” at the bottom.

12. Select “Sign in with Google” at the top. (Do not enter the email and password again.)

13.Click “Continue”

14. Now enter the student email address again.

15. Next put in the fmcsd2020 password again.

16. Click “No Thanks” for the notifications when the box pops up.

Now your child’s name should show up on the right side.

After this setup is complete, the student will just press the Seesaw Class app to get into Seesaw.

Get Started


Google Meet

How Do I join a Google Meet?

  1. Click the meeting link sent to you in email or posted in Canvas/Seesaw.
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts to join the meeting.
  3. Depending on your teacher’s settings you may need to enter a code.

An existing participant might need to approve you if you don’t have a Google Account.

How To Get Tech Support At Home

Students and parents may submit tickets to a helpdesk specifically created for at home support. 

Tickets can be submitted via

  • email OR
  • accessing the ticket portal

Email (Preferred)

Ticket Portal

  • Visit
  • submit a ticket in the center of the screen
  • Be sure to put your email address
  • Add your phone number
  • Put as much information as possible in the body of the email
    • Name
    • Grade
    • Device ID
    • Detailed problem description