Information for Homeschooling Parents

The district’s role with all private instruction is to provide direction to interested families regarding where to find information. 

If you know what type of information you are looking for, the secretary to the superintendent has information to share with families upon request. 

For inquiries about homeschooling please contact the Dir. of Curriculum and Student Services who is can assist in answering your  questions relating to Private Instruction. 

Buffy Campbell is the state level resource for Private Instruction and can be reached at 515-954-8651 or

Ft. Madison Community School District provides information to families who desire private instruction for their students but does not have a formal program for homeschoolers.

The state recognizes three forms of Private Instruction. 

Competent Private Instruction Option 1 is instruction provided on a daily basis for at least 148 days during the school year by or under the supervision of an Iowa licensed teacher. Form A is required by Sept. 1 as well as evidence of immunizations. The form will require information regarding an outline of the course of study as well as lesson plans. Students may but are not required to participate in district assessments.

Competent Private Instruction Option 2 is instruction provided on a daily basis for at least 148 days by a non-licensed person. Form A may be completed and should include an outline of the course of study. Under this option parents may choose to “opt out” of district assessments. If dual enrollment is desired, Form A participation in district assessments and evidence of immunizations will be required.

Independent Private Instruction is instruction that is not from an accredited institution, does not include more than four students, provides instruction in mathematics, reading and language arts, science, and social studies. Reports of instructional plan and student progress may be requested by the district at any time. Dual enrollment is not available under this option. 

Home visits are not done by the district and students are never required to come to the school. 

Students MAY participate in dual enrollment in classes at the school for up to 75% of their day under Option 1. Under Option 1, students may also participate in district administered assessments.

Under Option 1, the supervising teacher is responsible for ensuring that adequate yearly progress is being made. Families may choose to participate in the district’s annual assessments at no cost or another state approved assessment at their own expense.

Under Option 2, students may, but are not required to be assessed annually. If they choose, they may participate in the district’s annual assessment at no cost.
Under the option of Independent Private Instruction, there is no requirement for annual assessments. If requested in advance, students may participate in district annual assessments at no cost.

Form A Option 1 allows students to be included in dual enrollment opportunities including concurrent enrollment courses through the local community college, athletics and driver’s education.

No district-related opportunities are available under Option 2 or Independent Private Instruction