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Mental health services are available for our Fort Madison Community School District students. The team at Fort Madison has implemented a new telehealth system to help you and your family. Our new system offers behavioral health access to care providers that includes mental and behavioral health screening, treatment, and specialty care. We know help can come in different forms. Our system provides collaborations between the Fort Madison educational team and specialized care providers for mental health.  Nearly one in five U.S. children is diagnosed with a mental disorder. Of those, 20% receive care from a specialized provider for mental health. 

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Makerspace Students Swap Roles with Teachers

It’s not every day that students are able to step into the role of teacher, but our FMHS Makerspace crew did just that. Three leaders of the Makerspace crew prepared a presentation teaching teachers at the elementary schools how to use a 3D printer. These

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Richardson Elementary School Principal


Mr. McKay is from Belize City, Belize. He lived there until he was 8. He then moved to Barbados and lived there until age 11. The summer before 6th grade, when Mr. McKay was turning 12, he moved to the U.S. Today Mr. McKay and his family live in Fort Madison. He is married with one child and 2 tiny pups.

Mr. McKay graduated from Western Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in special education K-12. He later obtained his masters in educational policy and leadership from the University of Iowa. Mr. McKay started teaching in 2008 and has started his first year in administration as the principal of Richardson Elementary. McKay enjoys learning and loves to see a “love of learning” from the kids. He is very excited to continue to contribute to the overall success of FMCSD and all those FMCSD serves.


Hobby: Exercising, Music, & Reading

Snack: Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn

Animal: Enjoys them all!

Color: Neutral Colors

Fun Fact: Mr. Mckay loves NPR!

Adrian McKay
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