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In the Classroom: Ms. Howard's Class Solves a Problem

Ms. Howard’s first grade class did a fun activity with aluminum foil, water, toys, and science. The class was given a challenge to make their own boats made out of aluminum foil. After putting a couple minutes on a countdown, the students got to work on making their boats. Their objective was to see if their boat could float, and then see how many toy animals could fit in their boat without sinking.

One of Ms. Howard’s students checking the edges of her boat!

The students took the time to figure out the different possible shapes on how their boat could be structured. Ms. Howard gave them time reminders as the countdown kept going, the students would remind their classmates the time while working on their masterpieces. The students counted down the final seconds during their challenge, and then Ms. Howard said, “hand’s off, your time is up.”

One of Ms. Howard’s students with his unique boat design!

The students gathered around Ms. Howard’s table with their masks on, excited for to see the experiment take place. Ms. Howard used a bowl of water in the center of the table to conduct the experiment. Some of the boats did not float with any toy animals, but the classmates encouraged each other to keep going.

Ms. Howard is about to test the first boat!

As the experiment continued, students were excited to see how many toy animals could fit in their classmates’ boats. One of the girl’s boats fit sixteen animals before sinking, and the class yelled with glee. The next boat sank with three animals, and the students said, “that’s okay!” Then one boy’s boat fit 31 animals, breaking the record from last week’s class!

This student’s boat fit 16 toy animals!

The final boat fit 62 animals, and the students were in disbelief. Some of the students were set on keeping their boats, so they could try this experiment at home. After a short cleanup time, the students continued their learning for the rest of the day. Ms. Howard enjoyed that she was able to complete this experiment with her A & B students.