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FMEA Labor Management Committee Meets for a Training

The FMEA Labor Management Committee, established in 2016, meets on a monthly basis to collaborate, dialogue and problem solve for the FMCSD.  This is a joint committee of FMEA and administration representatives.  


Recently the committee engaged in training provided by Susan Bolte, Administrative Law Judge with the Public Employment Relations Board.  They were joined by guest Kristen Septer, the Iowa State Education Association Uniserv Director. 
This years' members pictured here from left are: Tracy King, Co-Principal at FMMS, Dr. Erin Slater, Superintendent, Rachella Dravis, TLC Coordinator, [Susan Bolte, Kristen Septer], Kerry Cooper, Sixth grade teacher, Greg Smith, Co-Principal at FMHS, Dawn Johnson, Kindergarten teacher, Kim Harmon, Director of Curriculum and Student Services and Cory Byrne, vocal music teacher at FMMS.