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Meet Todd Prunty | FMMS

Todd Prunty is a teacher for students with special needs at the Fort Madison Middle School. Originally, he is from Keokuk, Iowa. Mr. Prunty attended Southeastern Community College and Iowa Weslyn in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. His degree is in American History and Instructional Strategies. 

In his free time, Mr. Prunty enjoys reading about World War 1. He also enjoys pickleball, paintball, and painting. His favorite book is Back to the Front, a nonfiction book about the French Army Mutinies in 1917. Mr. Prunty, talking about the book, says, "Basically the French Army said, 'we are not charging up hills any more to be sacrificed for nothing.'" Mr. Prunty's favorite movie, although there are many, is Blindside. 

Currently in the classroom, Mr. Prunty's students are learning about improving their personal qualities, reading vocabulary, and story problems in math to be well-rounded socially and academically. The students are also learning about regulating emotions and being a positive role model and part of the community. 

Mr. Prunty's favorite thing about the district is how we support students when they need guidance to master skills.