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Meet Ingrid Brownlee | FMHS

Ingrid Brownlee is a 9-12 English teacher at FMHS and the yearbook adviser for the Madisonian. Oringinally, she is from West Central Illinois. Ms. Brownlee attended Western Illinois University. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree, which qualifies her to teach English to grades 6-12. 

In her free time, Ms. Brownlee enjoys reading and writing. During summer break, she enjoys gardening and painting. "I have many favorites [books] that range from the classic A Tale of Two Cities to the young adult classics To Kill a Mockingbird and The Book Thief," said Brownlee. Her favorite food is Mexican food. Ms. Brownlee and her husband enjoyed a trip to Europe several years ago. She was able to meet family members for the first time while in Germany. 


Currently in the classroom, Ms. Brownlee's trimester 1 English 2 students are finishing the analysis of short stories for theme development; her tri 2 English 2 students just finished comparing two movie versions of a Shakespeaean play; and her yearbook students are working on their fall and winter spreads. 

Ms. Brownlee thinks a positive thing that is happening in the school is her colleague, Mark Bunk, is starting a creative writing club. Her favorite thing about the district is working with her colleagues.