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New Construction Update & Parking at Fort Madison High School

New Construction Update & Parking at Fort Madison High School:

Starting Monday, March 6th, the circle drive at Fort Madison High School will not be available through traffic, as construction will begin on the north side of the circle, making it inaccessible to traffic. A construction fence will be erected in the next several days that will identify the new construction area. The most notable of the changes that will occur is that we are asking that parents use Pat's Alley coming from the east to drop their students off at the public pool entrance. When exiting Pat's Alley, we ask that you turn left going south. The limited number of parking spots that will be available around the circle drive will be for visitors and handicapped parking. Those spots will be needed for individuals doing business at the high school and for those with handicap permits. In this case, we ask that if you are picking your student up for school, that you also use Pat's Alley, as the front of the building will be considerably congested during the school day. If you have questions about this update, please call the high school and ask to speak to an administrator. Thank you for your patience and understanding during our construction process!