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OCI Nitrogen Iowa Donation

OCI Nitrogen Iowa Donates $11,500 to Eliminate All Student Lunch Deficits in Lee County Public Schools

Donation to Fort Madison Community Schools, Central Lee Community Schools, and Keokuk Community Schools builds on OCI’s longstanding support for students, local schools, and learning opportunities across southeast Iowa

WEVER, Iowa (April 17, 2023) – OCI Nitrogen Iowa (formerly OCI Iowa Fertilizer Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of OCI Global) announced today it will donate $11,500 to eliminate the entirety of the school lunch deficits students and families are facing in the three public school districts in Lee County. The donations to the Fort Madison Community School District, Central Lee Community School District, and Keokuk Community School District build on OCI’s decade plus efforts to support students, local schools, teachers, and educational programs in southeast Iowa.

“OCI Nitrogen Iowa is proud to continue partnering with public school districts throughout southeast Iowa to ensure students are living healthier lives and as prepared as possible to learn and succeed while in the classroom,” Mickey McHale, OCI Nitrogen Iowa Plant Manager, said. “In the more than ten years since we broke ground in Wever, OCI and our team members have been committed to investing in the community and helping meet critical local needs, with a focus on promoting STEM education and food security. We wholeheartedly believe in supporting our young people as they move through our public school system and encouraging their pursuit of an education in STEM.”

The Fort Madison Community School District, Central Lee Community School District, and Keokuk Community School District together serve more than 4,700 total students.

OCI Nitrogen Iowa and its more than 260 employees have endowed time and resources to the entire education value chain in southeast Iowa, including a $250,000 donation to the Lee County Career Advantage Center, $250,000 donation to Southeastern Community College’s Building the Dream Fund, donations to the public libraries in Donnellson, Mt. Pleasant, Burlington, and Keokuk, annual participation in the Southeast Iowa Regional STEM Festival, among many others.

“All of us at the Fort Madison Community School District – from students to teachers to staff – greatly appreciate OCI’s donation to our district and commitment to assist families across ou community,” Dr. Erin Slater, Superintendent of the Fort Madison Community School District, said.

“The Central Lee Community School District thanks OCI and their team members for once again stepping up to support students and helping improve educational outcomes in the area,” Dr. Andy Crozier, Superintendent of the Central Lee Community School District, said.

“The Keokuk Community School District welcomes this partnership with OCI and appreciates this opportunity for a positive impact on the students, their families, and the communities of Lee County,” said Dr. Dan Mart, Superintendent of the Keokuk Community School District said.

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