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"A is for Apple" Job Shadow | Superintendents Office

Dr. Slater job-shadowed Ms. Nita Carlson, FMMS 7/8 English Language Arts teacher. 

"So excited to have job shadowed Nita Carlson, one of our 7th/8th grade English Language Arts Teacher this week.
The students in Nita's class are so fortunate to be in her room.  Her classroom was fun and engaging.
She is using total participation techniques to get students moving around the room and sharing their learning.  
Nita also volunteered to be videotaped by one of our instructional coaches to show our curriculum vendor successes in using their tool in our classrooms!
Thank you Nita, for what you do for our students and for being such a professional among professionals!"

Dr. Erin M. Slater

Superintendent of Schools