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"Miscellaneous May" Job Shadow | Superintendents Office

Dr. Slater job-shadowed Mrs. Erin Wykert, FMHS Science Department long-term sub.


"I was honored to be able to job shadow one of our substitute teachers, Mrs. Erin Wykert.  Mrs. Wykert has been a long term sub this year in the FMHS Science Department.

One can immediately see that Mrs. Wykert has taken the time and energy to form positive relationships with the students in her classes.  Mrs. Wykert made the content for these freshman Earth Science classes much more engaging than what I remember in high school.
Students were actively participating in their lab work and solved group tasks collaboratively.
We very much appreciate what Mrs. Wykert has brought to FMHS and to the science department this year!"


Dr. Erin M. Slater

Superintendent of Schools