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Meet Ryan Snaadt - Class of 2013

Ryan Snaadt graduated from Fort Madison High School in 2013. He was involved in National Honors Society, yearbook, student section coordinator (basketball), and daily announcements (MC). Ryan Snaadt was also a three-sport athlete: baseball, football, and basketball. His senior year Ryan was in track instead of basketball. Ryan nows works as a Marketing Strategists for Applied Art & Technology, a creative marketing studio in Des Moines, Iowa. “At work, I help large companies leverage videos, websites, and other media to get them results. I also own my own freelance videography business (Snaadt Media Group) and run an online course (Solo Video Pro) to help other videographers scale their businesses,” said Snaadt.

Creating something from scratch and seeing it achieve the result it was built for is something that I love. I enjoy all things video and the limitless opportunities it offers everyone to connect virtually, sell their products, and share information. It is the future of how humans interact.

Ryan Snaadt

Finding His Path

“I leaned in to my interest in video/marketing and business but didn’t find those things until college. I still use most of the skills I learned in yearbook ironically for copyrighting, managing a team, and photoshop/camera operation. When leaving high school, I was unsure of where my path would take me, but knew I would have to move away to find it.

Prior to landing my current role at Applied Art, I attended Simpson College and received my BA in Business Management with a minor in Sociology. While in college I was involved in entrepreneurship clubs and took many classes that opened my mind to running a business. After launching my freelance business in college and having multiple marketing internships in Des Moines – I used those experiences to work with my employer to build my current role which did not previously exist,” said Snaadt.

Influenced by FMHS

Ryan’s involvement in high school carries into his work and personal life. “As I mentioned, working in yearbook had a surprisingly high amount of carry over. I also love working with and empowering teams today. Sports were also a big influence on me as a man. My involvement in football and weight training has carried me through some tough times in life and I have so much appreciation for my coaches who instilled that grit in me from a young age. They are still father figures to me. 10 years later, I still stick to a lifting regimen and it has allowed me to stay healthy and have more energy to devote to both my professional and personal endeavors,” said Snaadt.

Coaches Todd McGhghy, Andrew Troxel, Derek Doherty, Joey Herren were coaches that influenced Ryan. “These men sacrificed most of their summers in hot/sweaty weight rooms and ball fields to make us better people and come together as a team.I also have much appreciation for what former AD Brent Buttjer was doing with the culture of athletics and activities at the high school level – trying to build more connection with the student body and athletic teams and game attendance,” said Snaadt.

In addition, Ryan likes to shoot videos for his Youtube channel, spend time with his wife and dogs, and enjoying the outdoors in his Jeep.

Favorite Memory at FMHS

Ryan Snaadt has too many favorite memories to count. “I really enjoyed anything school spirit related (homecoming dress ups and organizing the student sections),” said Snaadt.

Advice for Current FMHS Students

“My biggest advice would be to get involved and try as many different things in school as possible. People that can handle a hectic workload in high school, and make it look easy, will turn out to be high performers in other areas of life later on. The more involved in activities you are – you can meet new people and learn more about yourself. Those soft ‘people’ skills are essential to having confidence when talking to people and will help you land a job, get accepted into higher education, and have more opportunities,” said Snaadt.

Ryan’s Goals for the Future

“My goals include getting out of student loan debt in the next 2 years, buying a new house, and starting a family,” said Snaadt.

Life Motto

“Control the Controllables. If there is anything I learned from sports, its that you can control you attitude effort and work ethic. Today it is popular to place blame others for  shortcomings and misfortune rather than overcome them. If you can control the controllables – you will go so much further in life,” said Snaadt.

What Does FMCSD’s “Come Learn and Grow” Mean to You?

“FMHS’s motto to me means coming as you are and exploring your interests to learn more about yourself and the kind of person you want to be when you leave,” said Snaadt.

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