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Mental Health Resources – Fort Madison Community School District

Mental health services are available for our Fort Madison Community School District students. The team at Fort Madison has implemented a new telehealth system to help you and your family. Our new system offers behavioral health access to care providers that includes mental and behavioral health screening, treatment, and specialty care. We know help can come in different forms. Our system provides collaborations between the Fort Madison educational team and specialized care providers for mental health.  Nearly one in five U.S. children is diagnosed with a mental disorder. Of those, 20% receive care from a specialized provider for mental health. 

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Recent Announcements

Return to Learn Update 11/24/2020

The Fort Madison Community School District staff and students will return to 100% face to face learning on 12/1. This is the model the board voted on effective November 2 – December 23rd. The school board, administration, and nursing staff will continue to monitor the

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